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Go Green Run – Run for a greener city.

GogreenrunThe world today is full of pollutants, plastic, electronic wastes, and destruction. Nobody has the time to ponder about how we have destroyed it and still continue to do so even today. Our insensitive actions towards the planet are leading us to regretful consequences; but how many care?

Although Bangalore, the IT hub of India, is evolving on the IT front, it is failing day by day environmentally. Since it takes decades to retaliate the anti-environment actions, Champions Group has taken an initiative last year i.e. 2013 for a Go Green Run. A 10k marathon introduced for a greener city, greener planet. The Go Green Run initiative that started in 2013 encourages all the like-minded strives in and around the city to extend help for a greener city and a better planet. The encouragement and the applause the registrants gave us has inspired us again in taking a step forward and invite you all for the Go Green Run this year, July the 26th.

You can register with us now!

Go Green Run is not just for a better environment, but for a better health of all our city, champions and everybody who’s a part of it. If you would want to be a part of this initiative, please register with us and join hands for a greener place to stay.

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