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Best way to Reward : Land/Realestate, Home Furniture & Club Luxuries: Really?

Best way to Reward : Land/Realestate, Home Furniture & Club Luxuries: Really?

This weekend was a big league Mid year corporate recognition initiative for us with a bunch of our top guns clocking 10 plus years. It was a Rewards Event where we gave away 5000 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft Land for our Champions that completed 5 to 10 years with our group of companies- No strings attached. This we felt was the real way to give and say a Huge a Thank You.

landallotmentRealestate is at the top of India’s growth chart today and Land prices are sky rocketing,High end Apartments are becoming a crore plus in Value and Luxury Club amenities and services are on the desired end. Given this framework, it seems that top Corporate Rewards and Recognitions should adapt these high value pockets.

We also partnered to Announce a Huge Realestate Project spanning over a million sq ft that was subsidized for our staff. We are doing up a large Luxury champions club house and spa of over 30000 sqft with various luxurious amenities including a high end gym, 3D Private movie theater, saloon, spa, helipad etc.

We did give vehicles in the past -but, Land obviously was the highlight of the event as we are the only IT/BPO firm in India to reward using this route. This Free Land and Subsidized Homes being provided for our Champions is to build Villas and Apartments and can drive adrenalin levels crazy.

These Champions Club amenities stitched in with Luxury Homes and Walk to Work concept is going to be taking off with huge satisfaction and work life balance in the years to come. We are tying this Champions Club initiatives with Luxury Travel and Exotic Water front living options and Stay on yacht options at exotic locations like Goa to complete the experience.

We also gave away Champions Luxury Furniture  gift coupons as one of the giveaways that got the highest traction as it is aligned with the Luxury rewards.

All of this got me thinking about what is perceived today as the highest value rewards in our 21st century Corporate world today? What do you think is the most valuable reward or recognition a Real Employee focussed organization offer.

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