Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor


Loyalty programme is on the rise. Brands are looking for new ways to acquire and retain customers through their customer loyalty programme.

Some of the business objectives that customer loyalty programme aims to achieve are:

  • Retain the existing customers by creating Red/Silver/Gold/Platinum customer pack offers
  • Target a minimum 10 per cent repeat business from loyalty programme
  • Push new offerings to acquire new customers

However, what marketer misses most of the time is to put on the customer thinking hat when they come up with customer loyalty programme. For customer loyalty programmer to succeed, it is indispensable to decipher what actually a customer expects from a customer loyalty programme.

In my opinion, a customer generally wants the following from loyalty programme:

  • Customer loyalty programme should be something on simple terms and conditions that one can understand, and most importantly that one can utilise
  • Definite point collection on every transaction, making eligible for some discount offerings in the next buy
  • Easy to use format like a swipe card or a gift voucher facilitating automatic entitlement
  • Value added packages like vehicle parking, free trial and new product information of his/her choice and style
  • Relevant and interesting marketing communication from time to time including festival offer, clearance sale or special discount offer

I think, if we can get integrate the above customer expectations in loyalty programme, then we can definitely create fruitful customer relationship. Customer loyalty programme that primarily focusses on customer needs, deeply analyze customer behaviour, and enhance their overall experience with us (be it online experience like visiting or our website or a physical experience like buying something from our store).

By putting customer at the centre of our loyalty programme, we can surely turn them into our best brand evangelist.

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