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Innovative BJP Campaign Marketing lessons from Narendra Modi & Ananth Kumar

Innovative BJP Campaign Marketing lessons from Narendra Modi & Ananth Kumar

Marketing & Management Lessons from India’s Latest Super Elections

Indians are Celebrating Great times ahead after the latest election results yesterday and are at awe regards how Narendra Modi took the country by its bulls horn delivering a superior decisive victory for BJP. In Bangalore, Ananth Kumar and team took similar stride capturing the state from congress.

Let’s analyse lessons from Modi campaign :

Superior Digital Marketing and Excellent Election Campaign Management nationwide made Modi the name to trust.That said Modi is not just a Marketing Guru, He is a Superior Product with real substance. He has won the hearts of Gujarat and proven himself over a decade.

In a ANI interview recently Modi itself said “What is wrong if I am Marketing myself? But I have done work. If I just do marketing people won’t believe me.”

If you look at the definition of a Product: A product or service offered can succeed only if it is clear about what consumer need it is trying to meet, what its key features are, and what the competitors offer, etc.

In Modi’s case, from day one of the election campaign it was clear that the product on offer was Modi. The BJP party was packaging and gift-wrapping.That the BJP is selling Modi rather than any other product is clear from its slogan: Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar. The product messaging is clear. Modi is being sold, not the party. It did work Wonders

Digital Marketing : Everyday Everyway
The role of digital in any marketing communication and elections can no longer be ignored. The faster the brands and politicians get on to digital media, the better for them.

Since Modi campaign took off early last year, social mentions of Narendra Modi have seen the highest and most consistent increase; for all other politicians, the shift in mentions has been fluctuating topically every month. Modi’s online mention is said to have increased by 126 per cent since then.

Modi is arguably one of the most tech-savvy Politicians in India. He is the first Indian politician to have 4Million plus followers on Twitter. #PMNamo #raceto272 were some of the top trending hashtags on twitter with “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkaar” Messages.

NaMo has over 14 million likes on his Facebook page. There were over 75 million interactions regards Modi. Early last year, he launched iPad and iPhone applications that lead to his blogs, speeches, books and images. He is all over Google+ Hangout, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and many other social media platforms. In fact, his official website is one of the most organised political web properties. He is one of the few that has a dedicated digital media team and we have been fortunate to support this and his BJP party marketing support initiatives.

Innovation : every day every way
During one of the initial BJP rally in Hyderabad, people were charged an entry fee of Rs 5 to listen to Modi’s address. The funds from the rally donated to the flood-ravaged state of Uttarakhand. Modi started winning brownie points in peoples heart with this kind of innovation for public cause.

Digital,Video and 3d Marketing:

Last year, Modi was one of the first politician in the world, to start an election campaign that was launched using 3D technology and telecast in multiple places simultaneously.

WhatsApp was a favourite tool for coordinating Party work while a google Hangouts featured Modi, Arun Jaitley among Speakers. YouTube videos with professional comedians and entertainers produced sleek videos with Smart scripts.

This year Innovative new age vehicles carrying video messages to the audience reached every nook and corner of india have delivered via LED vehicles (like those from Champion Vehicles )

Personalised Messages & Corporate Marketing from Ananth Kumar: is another lesson to learn on how he rode the wave against Billionaire Nandan Nilkeni. This was a phenomenal grassroots effort from Ananth Kumar to learn the digital marketing ropes with a dedicated team that we were fortunate to be part of to thwart the rise of Billionaire Corporate honco Nandan using personalised video messages appealing to corporates and superior usage of LED Video trucks to get video message across along with using Facebook in a superior fashion to communicate daily updates.

Marketing lessons: It is necessary for brands to choose Digital media wisely. In the marketing ecosystem, digital marketing and social media are relatively the cheapest communication vehicles. Brands should buckle up to create digital impressions that will be value for money and help them win.

There was a ton of learning for all the Indian marketing and management gurus in this election. I am sure we are all pleased to see how effective Marketing and Management wins!! Proof that you should always step up Marketing spend in the race to the Top while deploying in the cost effective media wisely.

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