Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor


Believe it or not, social media is the number one daily activity among Americans, higher than time spent on email and Google. Perhaps that’s why 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business. However, companies must understand that Social Media Marketing is not just about employing Facebook or Twitter to broadcast marketing message. Rather, it is more about being people-centric and understand how they behave digitally on social platforms. And then strategizing marketing activities accordingly. So, Social Media Marketing is all about being social with people to achieve a business goal. After all, ultimately it’s people who drive business and on which business thrives.

Social participation of consumers have empowered them to participate, review products and services, and most importantly influence friends before making a buying decision. As per a report, 90% of consumers are heavily influenced by their peer’s review before buying a product or service. This is a highly democratic platform – where the participation of consumer and their comments and opinions have a direct bearing on the brand that they are talking about. Intelligent companies leverage this channel to facilitate the conversation to keep the interaction and engagement level going up with the consumers.

Social Media Marketing represents a communication exchange through which companies are seeking to attain business advantages by leveraging social tools to connect with the consumers and helping them connect with the brand. Since relevancy is at the heart of any marketing channel, companies should pull the consumers using highly personalized content rather than pushing a generic marketing message. Consumer interaction and engagement through social media drives over 50% of product sales. The key takeaway here is building relationship through meaningful and relevant content. But this is more easily said than done.

Here is what companies can do for the success of social media marketing:

  1. Really listening to what customers are saying and try to understand them. If companies can get this one right, half the battle is won.
  1. Social Media Marketing is no random publish and pray marketing campaigns. Companies need to assign dedicated Social Marketing Team who can come up with specific strategies to ensure success.
  1. Social Media Marketing works best when it is integrated with email marketing. A simple connect link on email template is a very powerful way of building up your fan base in an organic way.
  1. Tracking results of Social Media Activities might be easy. How many likes, how many views and so on and so forth. But how actually they are contributing to the marketing ROI is difficult to measure unless there is a clear, definite, and measurable social goals.
  1. Companies need to stand on their toes and keep looking for all the latest trends in Social Media Marketing. Keep marketing message altering depending upon the current trends and based on the future behaviour predictions.

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