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Future of Marketing Is Pure Digital: It’s time to Go Green completely

Go Green, Grow your Mail volumes via Email, Start Outdoor Display via LED & Communicate via Social channels

Its time to Go Green and improve the jingles in the bank, It’s time we Evolve from being folks that keep preaching “Go Green” to being champions that practice “Growing Green”. 

It makes business sense to Stop cutting trees, stop printing millions of Direct mail, step up on new age LED advertising, embrace Social and Online marketing channels. Couple of years ago I remember writing it is important to try Going Green with Marketing -but time has come now to do completely do it all digital. 

Spamming via Direct Mail is far more of a sin than via email considering the impact on the environment as well.  Companies like SpamCop and SpamAssasin are set to make their monies listing folks for sending bulk mail. That shouldn’t deter you from using Email responsibly if you can relate to the bigger cause of connecting better with your clients and prospects in a responsible way without “Killing Trees”.

Here are more Marketing Profs published Stats if you are not convinced about moving your entire marketing on the digital front

  • The Public Relations Consultants Association recently found that 72% of agencies are now offering SEO services.
  • The most in-demand digital marketing services are content creation, outreaching/engaging with influencers, and social networking strategy.
  • DMA cites every $ spent on email marketing yields $48 in return.
  • More than 60% of agencies have increased their digital marketing budgets, with a particular focus on monitoring, SEO, content creation, and PPC/online advertising.
  • Compared with 12 months earlier, agency revenues from digital sources have increased significantly.

It’s time to “Connect via Personalised Emails”, Reach to the local audience with “LED Vehicle base Display advertising” & “Communicating via Online Social channels”. Step on this and Lets move jingles in to your bank with full steam.

Killing Trees” to do Direct mail advertising is undoubtedly a much worse problem than sending “Personalized Emails” and Digital/social communication. So shouldn’t we have the “TreeCops” to stop abuse of Print media and DirectMail Advertising?

You can now Become the “Champion of Change” and use responsible digital marketing and importantly personalized marketing via powerful targeted messaging.

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