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The Importance of being a data scientist

A hero is emerging in the business world. His name is data scientist.

After Harvard Business Review has described the designation as the most “sexy career options of 21st century” followed by excited discussions in multiple platforms, including Forbes – the topic has garnered enough interest in the business world.

Some of the giant corporations like IBM are already seizing the opportunity and promoting their big data solutions designed by their data scientist. In all their narrative on big data, the word “data scientist” has been accorded an important place.Obviously, they want to capitalize on the new hero.

What exactly or who exactly is a data scientist is a difficult to answer. There are multiple definitions available, but not a uniform one. From the available information, one can infer that data scientist is an advanced form of data analyst. Many people are smartly describing data scientist through a mathematical formula:

Data Analyst + Math + Statistics = Data Scientist

A data scientist has all the regular skill sets of a data analyst added with greater flair for insight and communications. Equipped with deeper and greater skills. Everyone is certain that it is an important designation that addresses many key challenges of big data for

business decision.

One might ask, “In what ways?”

Well, these are still early days to answer that question confidently.

We all know how data is exploding both in physical and virtual world. And the trend is going to continue. Pretty commonsense: data is going to be very important in the future. How organization manages the data deluge to drive growth will form the basic challenge in the coming years. They are betting big on data scientist to help them to tide through the data deluge.

This is the importance of being a data scientist.

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