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5 golden tips for success in Mobile Marketing

Make no mistake. As mobile is quickly becoming a mainstream marketing channel, it’s time to look into some of the tips that can spell success for your mobile marketing campaigns.

1.       Alright! More and more consumers are using mobile phones for web browsing, online shopping, apps download or accessing to social media websites. Wonderful opportunities to market your product and services. But the important thing is that they are viewing all these on the go. So short, simple crisp tailored made content with an extremely simple call to action is the key to success here.

2.       As with email campaigns; usability testing is indispensable in mobile marketing also. Before blasting off your mobile marketing campaigns, ensure you have tested your campaigns with your colleagues and friends on different platforms like Windows, Android or OS. And absolutely pin point clear on the look and feel of your campaigns.

3.       Using “push notification” judiciously is one the of the most important factors in the success of mobile marketing. Push notification are the short messages that pop up on a mobile device. Marketers can use them smartly to push offers, special discount or conveying some important information directly to consumers.

4.       Intelligent content is the key to success in any kind of marketing. More so in mobile marketing. Mobile being a small screen, it’s plain common sense that marketers need to precise and to the point. Number of clicks has to be minimum and the navigation has to be very simple. Lead capture form has to be basic and should not have more than three fields.

5.       Integrate your website with mobile website. Let the audience be aware that your mobile website is available and they will be able to conduct business with you even when they are away from the desk. Make sure mobile website is also search engine optimized. One of the most important factors in mobile sites is how user friendly the interface is.

In 2013 there was a growth over 75% in mobile advertising. 2014 is looking even more dynamic with companies already betting big on mobile advertising. Exciting days ahead…

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