Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

The Road to Digital Customer Experience

In the rapidly changing landscape of digital customer behaviour existing channels of customer service requires fresh examinations at regular intervals to ascertain how effective they really are. Gone are the days when superior customer experience begins and ends with providing great products or services only. Today, all the channels of customer service have become vital touch points in the customer experience journey where moments of truth are defined, captured and delivered. Each engagement with customers is critical as they are virtually the passport for driving positive brand reinforcement, greater sales opportunities and deeper customer relationship. As customers tune into more digital mediums – the need for building a comprehensive digital platform which can offer seamless customer experiences across all touch points has never been this pressing before.

Digital platforms like website, mobile, social, video streaming, etc., empowers companies to attract and engage customers with their product and service offerings, virtually overruling the physical constraints of space and inventory. However, great power comes with greater responsibilities. As companies embrace more digital proliferations fuelled by the need of customers going across multiple sites in the quest for information – companies need to stamp their digital presence for attracting and converting customers into loyal fans. This can be achieved by leveraging a consistent brand experience through uniform presentation of the products and services that a company has to offer.

But the million dollar question is how a company can organize the different channels and come up with constant digital experience that is distinct and different from the others. The answer to this question lies on the simple key point: Since all the digital platforms are essentially communication channels, the marketing message has to be uniformly consistent and deeply engaging across all the channels. The maxim that content is king in digital marketing equally applies to digital engagement for greater customer experience. And better content simply does not mean being meaningful and relevant enough (though these are primary requirements) – but also powerful and emotive enough to propel customers into actions and turn them into loyal fans.

 Since content is critical to driving a great digital customer experience; naturally companies will rely heavily on the breed called “writers” to deliver the goods. But in digital marketing space, a writer does not operate in silos. Apart from knowing the target audience, he is highly dependent on analytics guys to get those edge customer insights – like the visitors report of a website, trends of social media conversations on Facebook & Twitter – to come up with great content. He requires clear-cut instructions from product manager on product briefing and brand positioning. And he needs to get in touch with the designer for more effective creative. Obviously it means great content need a more oiled unit that work seamlessly rather than independent contributions.

 In the final analysis, the road to digital customer experience is laden with many challenges. Companies need to surpass all the barriers of digital channels to deliver a fulfilling customer experience across all the marketing touch points.

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