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Got Guts to Jump off a Mountain: Is it Training or Confidence or Adventure DNA

I’m standing at the top of a mountain, 1,000 feet above the ground. ‘OK, we’re ready to go,’ says the lean young man to the paragliding trainee in front of me.

‘You see that edge? When I count to three, I want you to run as fast as you can towards it.’

‘Three…. Two……One. Run! Run! RUN!’

Run off a mountain into thin air? It sounds totally insane. It got me wondering about how  folks who are barely couple of days in Training gaining the confidence to literally face the fear of heights. How are folks with no prior experience able to paraglide with nothing but thin air seperating them from the hard ground a 1000ft below?

This adventure started couple of days ago when my two teenage sons started pushing me for a Summer Vacation. I said OK boys, you name the place and I will make the bookings. The link my boys sent got me a little jittery, it was this place called Nirvana Adventures which offers 2 to 4 day Para Gliding courses. I said I am not going to chicken out now due to the fear of jumping off a mountain and miss this incredible opportunity to bond with my boys, so off we went. As a mandate, I always take a couple of my collegues at work to make it a combo fun bonding event with family and team. So, I did make a last minute push and got a couple of them join us on the Easter Weekend adventure trip. Finally, Five of us packed up and got on this Adventure trip.

It was indeed an exhilarting experience. The best part was as we went through Training. The adrenaline rising energy level and Confidence that came through Training was evident all around our team. Sure if you are going to be running headlong off a mountain with absolutely nothing between you and the ground except a heck of a lot of thin air, you better be prepared.

As you jump of a mountain with the paraglider a few steps feel like forever and then, suddenly, miraculously,  feet leave the ground and you are soaring up and away.

‘Yeeaaayy,’you yell,  adrenalin rising sky-high , feeling incredible and unbelievable. Silently swooping like a bird as you thank the gods and folks in your team that made this  possible, also Resolve to do this in Professional life. The whole world will stretch beneath you. So, peaceful and fresh, just like the wind on your face.

As I saw young teens and twenty some thing’s start jumping off the mountain cliff barely couple of days after training, It got me thinking about the Power of Training and Professional Development via  seasoned coaches and trainers – The impact that solid training has in building confidence even in the professional sector.

If folks with less than 10 hours of training over 3 to 4 days could jump off a mountain on their own(Not Tandem) -what can real solid professional development do to launch in to new revenue arena?

Just think about how many leaders never get launched into a new arena because they got too comfortable and stopped learning.

It is time to Pack your Bags and Get ready for a couple of days of adventure.. Better yet, Start with couple of days of a solid training program or Professional adventrue in any new arena. Gain the Confidence to grow into new arenas by investing time into Training and Professional development with the righ coach to guide you.

Are you failing the Innovation test of not generating a third of revenue from sources that didn’t exist couple of years ago? Stop being a Wimp, It’s time to go jump in to a new arena creating  new revenue streams for your organization today!! ‘Three…. Two……One. Run! Run! RUN!’

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