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Count your Blessings Every Day Every Way

I was actually feeling good that one of my top leaders in our managment team sent me a Text message on a weekend saying “I am counting you in my blessings” – This was particularly pleasing as it was a message sent over a weekend meaning that someone felt I was important for them over the Weekend. I can understand all Leaders playing an important role in the lives of their team members and I would say it is a Special consideration if anyone remembered you over a weekend from your work place.

Also, It was one of the few Sundays in the year that I was at Home for a change without any Travel plans. As the evening came by  I realized I have to get out and work out. I pulled my Elder son and went out to the Racquet Ball (Squash) court to sweat it out. I saw the protective eye glasses in the bag but didn’t care much to wear them. I had been playing Racquet ball for over 10 years and recently got my Teenage son hooked on to it. Little did I know what was coming I guess.

We were hitting the ball hard and was pleased that my teenage son Sreekar who just turned 14,  a fairly well built boy  was pacing up in the game. I hit the ball hard against the wall and turned around to see the response. Bham!! The ball hit by my son came with incredible speed hitting directly on my right eye ball. The Velocity with which the ball hit my right eye ball zapped me. I was wriggling in pain and literally blank in the right eye unable to see a thing. I was sure my eye socket making acquaintance with the ball head-on was the worst pain I ever experienced. I literally screamed like a little baby, fell to the floor. I was sure it was permanent eye damage and perhaps blindness. I was sure I could no longer perceive the three dimensions.

I was rushed to the emergency of a Hospital next door with a icepack on eye (still wriggling in pain). Driving to the hospital, I was searching for first aid precautions on my ipad with my single left eye in action dreading the worst. It was a typical Sunday evening at the Emergency filled with various weekend accidents and some playing emergencies. I was treated immediately and the damage to the eye wasn’t so radical as I feared. I was told it hasn’t punctured the eye, but I was unable to see a thing. Over the next couple of weeks with some medication and lots of blessings I fully recovered and I am sure someone’s blessings came in handy.

So, count your blessings every day every way. Do good to your team members and grow them to be in their prayers. The blessings will come in handy someday someway for sure.

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This entry was posted on March 18, 2012 by in Positive Energy.
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