Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

How many of your Customers will Cry when you die?

Loads of customers world over mourned the death of Steve Jobs today. Some as Die Hard Fans, Some as Leaders that were amazed about this Innovative leader and Most as Customers/End users that were touched by Apple’s brilliant life changing products.

Outpourings of sympathy swept across the globe as state leaders, business leaders and fans paid respect to the man who touched the daily lives of countless millions through the Macintosh computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad and altered the world through technology.

Will Apple face challenges in the absence of the man who was its chief product designer, ultimate marketing guru and salesman nonpareil? Or Will they move ahead with all that learning keeping their customer centric focus? I am sure Time will tell and more likely they will continue this successful stride..

I was amazed over twenty five years ago working on Apple II with a mouse and graphic user interface which was the first personal computer to gain a wide following.  I remember managing a Computer lab while doing my Masters in Computer Science. That was my first job and I had a blast being the boss that had access to these 50 odd Mac’s in the lab. I used to marvel at their word processing and Graphic capabilities at that time. Then came a bevy of amazing customer centric products like the Macintosh, macbook, Ipod, Iphone and Ipad that revolutionized the way we live and communicate.

So, Now is the Billion dollar question: We all have to relate to why so many world over grieved when Steve Jobs died? How many of your Customers will Cry when you die? (Some of our customers might actually be glad we are Dead if we don’t buckle up and focus on our Customers and touch our customers hearts with superior products/service-:)

It is indeed time to retrospect :

Are you meeting your customer’s expectations or could you be falling short?

Do you know how your customer’s actually perceive you?

How many of yours Customers will Cry when you die?

The answers to these questions could be the key to creating fans for your enterprise along with increased revenue opportunities and improved customer advocacy and retention.

Go Create those Fans for life from your Customer base. Keep asking yourself every day “How many of my Customers will Cry when I die?”. Try Make your Customers Cry when you Die exceeding expectations with every product/service of your everyway.

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