Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor, Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Author, Technology Champion, Philanthropist, Leadership Mentor

Digitization: Going Green – This New Decade’s Mantra for Growth

New year 2011 is here- it is a brand new decade and New technologies enabling organizations to Digitize are on the rise. Going Green is no longer a fad and is going to be the future of Corporates and Governments alike in this new decade. New age communication channels like Email, SMS when combined with Digitization will make a powerful combination in the new decade ahead.

We are at a juncture where Large Organizations,particularly Government Entities are starting to spend Billions in the years ahead Digitizing. eGovernance in this new decade ahead is going to be on with  full force world over.

My recent meeting with the CIO of a Local State Government that doled out tens of million of dollars for an Unique Identity (UID) project to us was an interesting one. The urgency and need of the hour  made them scout for corporates like ours with capabilities to execute these volumnous projects that need hundreds of resources deployed across the state. These projects obviously are not for small companies, The sheer volume of work ahead in going green dawned on me as I understood that over a Billion dollars was being spent by this state with under 20 million population. Investments to kick off Digitization and Unique Identity Projects involve deploying Hundreds of Computers and Resources with New age Biometric and Iris Recognition Equipment at Hundreds of centers. Digizitation sure seems to be the way ahead for Companies with Bandwidth to handle to Grow  Bigger. All of this, while enabling eGovernance and making the world a better place with Green momentum.

Organizations that have the resource bandwidth to handle the sheer volume of digitization work are now needing to buckle up and optimise their resource utilization to achieve economies of scale. The new year is here and Data Digization is going to be on Big time.. Are you ready to Expand your Business Multifold with Digitization capabilities – This new decade’s Mantra for Growth? You Better Buckle up, lest you will be left behind with your competition growing in leaps and bounds.

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