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B2B firms Got to “Go Green in 2010” :Stop Killing Trees & Heck with Spam!!

Going Green is no longer a fad. New age Green workplace initiatives that include e-marketing, promoting reduction of paper use/ direct mail, encouraging electronic communication and recycling are taking off. Companies are starting to add emails to their Subscriber/Client databases and sending online offers, monthly ebills etc  along with personalized enewsletters/ezines.

Organizations that adapt “GO GREEN” strategy are realizing significant cost savings via marketing expense reduction & better engagement of customers and prospects. It is a no brainer that you should move as much of your communication online to be effective and fast in 2010- Send your offers and promotions to clients and prospects online.  Today’s Personalization solutions, eCRM’s and Digital Video capabilities are really are pushing the limit as to how well you can engage clients online.

I was talking yesterday to a VP of a Fortune 100 software firm and realized how well they have moved most of their Enterprise software sales support Paraphernalia online. Flash Video content explaining software advantages, eZines and monthly eNewsletters along with Webinars are brining lot of these Tree Killing Direct Mail/Print operatives online. This evidently saved at least a couple of million in their Enterprise sales staff cost along with saving a ton of trees. This am sure is also helping them effectively personalize and send relevant communication via Bi-Weekly ezines/ nurturing messages.

If you can stay within the guidelines of law of the land like CAN-SPAM act, you can benefit using online medium to communicate. SpamCops and Spamhaus of the world have their hidden agenda to feed their own families by listing all email and online media promoters. They are sometimes ridiculous in listing legitimate email service providers and personalized B2B marketing communication as Spam.

Ensuring that you are abiding by the local eMarketing Laws via responsible personalized marketing works wonders. DMA cites every $ spent on email marketing yields $48 in return. As long as you are not bulk mailing to anyone and everyone in the world –Online communication opportunity is to be taken up pushing the “GO GREEN” envelope. Stop killing trees and Go Green today !!

SHRM noted in its Green Workplace survey that “Going Green” improved employee morale, Productivity and a strong positive image as a Environment Friendly Company. Companies the Go Green can reduce costs of Waste Disposal, paperless policies in offices can help save millions of pounds of paper and reduce release of greenhouse gases. All of this, while becoming Effective and Fast at Communication!!

Social Media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc now provide opportunity to promote online via promotional offers and links. No need to cut Thousands of trees. Computer maker, DELL claims to have used Twitter to Generate Millions in revenue through offers to its followers instead of pushy directmail offers monthly that it used to send. Going Green seems to be the only sensible alternative to legitimate business. Let SpamCops focus on those selling Viagra online to consumers if they need to list someone. It’s time the rest of the Business world reduce Cutting Trees and improve relevant personalized email and online communication. It makes absolute business sense now and in the future!!.

GO GREEN !!.. It’s good for your Corporate Health & Wealth in 2010.

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