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Memorial Obituaries are going Online. Are Funeral Homes ready with “Lifetime Digital Legacy Marketing Packages” ?

Last week, I was busy with my Mom’s One year Death ceremony rituals when I got a call from this Sales Rep at a local newspaper firm. He said he happened to have seen the Memorial Obituary we placed in another news paper and had an offer for me. This got me thinking of what offer he could have for a Grieving family?  I was surprised regards to this sales savvy individual’s pursuit but was pleased once I learnt of what he had on offer.

This enthusiast sales exec first offered one more Obituary in his competing Newspaper and to top it was actually upselling a Website with a neat Layout to Rest in Peace my Mom’s memories and Photos all for less than $60/year. This included the domain registration and hosting as well.  Heck, I couldn’t beat the deal despite having hundreds of staff and Tera bytes of Bandwidth in-house. He even guaranteed Lifetime uptime!! Not sure whose lifetime, but what the heck at $60/year including website design, hosting and maintenance, I didn’t want to bargain.

My mother taught me that “The Real Pride of a son being born for the Parents is not when he is born,but when people recognize his achievements in Public & Praise the parents”. I couldn’t get all that recognition in her lifetime nor the praise she deserved, but I did take this up to honor parents of our top champions since the last year as a tribute to her. I am glad each month when we have these Champion Parent Recognition awards ceremony, her Legacy is carried out with each Parent regonition. I can’t forget the beaming smile which doesn’t leave each Champion Parents face during the recognition event while they are being honoured for their kids achievement. This Parents pride is carried on later via Digital Photos and a Website citing recognition of their Champion Son/Daughter’s accomplishments.

I guess we can’t expect our Loved ones who parted to rest in peace at their grave with these Websites and Online Photo/Video memorials being created. But, Hey we know the future of digital online preservation is here and this a great way to cherish memories of loved ones for another life time. So, I am not complaining anymore with Digitization and Online momentum all around.

Socrates said “Be of good cheer about death and know this as a truth- that no evil can happen to a good man, either in life or after death”.  As long as there are no mysterious Twitter Feeds from my Mom, I am ok with all of this. I believe this is the Digital Preservation package God has sent us to preserve the memories of our loved ones. Here’s a toast to all those Resting in Peace& their Kin who have deployed Websites to  keep their memories alive for another life time.

It’s time Funeral Homes & Cemeteries get ready with offering “LifeTime Digital Online Legacy Packages” to preserve memories and legacy of loved ones along with offering Caskets and a Place to Rest in Peace..

One comment on “Memorial Obituaries are going Online. Are Funeral Homes ready with “Lifetime Digital Legacy Marketing Packages” ?

  1. liliane
    October 11, 2010


    it s lililane, will appreciate to make businiess with you because your writes are so right.

    Please don t hesitate to contact me.

    Thanks and best regards


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