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Ringing in the Newyear has Gone Digital. 2010 will send all Marketers back to school

Ringing in the Newyear at Gatecrasher with Top World DJ’s Roger Shah and Claudia Cazacu yesterday, I saw the reality of new age Digital Marketing in action.

Event Marketing to Artist Positioning is all primarily Online now. For instance a search for Roger Shah on the Web first pulls his website, then his Myspace, WikiPedia and Facebook account links. Roger is Phenomenal on stage but so is he online as well and I am sure that is helping him become all the more popular. He has his music available online through his website. He has the detail of his tours and samples from his gigs available online for his fans. Talking to him about Online Marketing and expanding it, I realized He has a Online Marketing manager, He has a Professional team to position him worldwide and He is always looking for more local teams to help him position locally in each country.

On a similar note, a search for Claudia brings up at the top her Facebook, Myspace and Twitter account. Website or no Website – Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are here to stay and Marketers better learn these new tools to position themself. If Artists are doing a better job than most companies at positioning, it speaks for B2B marketers world over to get back to school and now before it is too late.

Your Competition is already Positioning itself online. They have taken their marketing Digital and 2010 will see you need to do the same.. Else, you are in for trouble or you will go under in 2010 – The choice is yours. Good Luck and God Speed with Digital and Social media marketing mix in 2010.

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