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Reality Marketing via Print is Dead. Long Live Social Media Marketing!!

I came back from the World Brand Congress Conference last week with the definitive thought that Print Media, Newspapers and Magazines better brace them self for another rude shocker in the years ahead. 2010 will see the evolution of your brand via Social Media and Online marketing. You are going to see a serious move towards Marketing via sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Flickr, Wikipedia, Digg, Blogger, WordPress etc.

Real estate sector in particular is going to see a vast change in marketing strategies. Today, The primary focus of Reality Marketing is via newspapers and magazines, which is a terrible waste. Our Sunday paper has over a third of it full of unread classifieds. This terrible waste of marketing spend along with cutting of trees to print has to stop & Marketers need to Go Green to get their best returns.

The property you are trying to market has to start  showing up in local web searches and online with 360 degree web based  tours, sale/rent comparison and comprehensive details of the property. New Age Online Positioning of your real estate property or product is imperative to survive with video tours and 360 degree walk-throughs. Property Listings online, Recent sales comparables & sites like craigslist that let you publish your property details online for free are making the newspaper classifieds worthless.

Magazines and Newspapers with stale information from a week ago or month ago are a thing of the past. The omnipresent nature of social media with it’s ever accessible nature is going to make Property  and Reality Product Marketing sizzle online. An NAR survey sponsored by the Gooder Group found that 74% of people shopping for a real estate professional go with the first one they call. That means if you earn that first call from a prospect, you have a 74% chance of turning them into a client.

You’re not selling an inexpensive toaster. You’re selling mostly a six figure or seven figure product  that will have an impact on the finances and ultimate happiness (or unhappiness) of your clients. Words on paper can sell a toaster. Words on paper cannot sell your prospects real estate.

You know the importance of web visibility, because you’ve read the statistics about buyers and sellers using the Internet to find homes and real estate. Online Positioning, can get you prospects ready for the next step they might take (in this case, responding or emailing you proactively instead of you needing to hunt the world for leads). After that first contact, there’s plenty of time to show them your ability to deliver.

Give your real estate marketing a break and move online to see your marketing ROI expectations exceeded. Lot more response locally and some from across the globe is inevitable which will hopefully tickle you. Let online marketing and social media do what it’s best at. Let it move the prospect forward in your ultimate plan. Good Luck and God Speed!!

2 comments on “Reality Marketing via Print is Dead. Long Live Social Media Marketing!!

  1. Mortgage modifications
    November 22, 2009

    74% conversion sounds incredible. Is that really the percentage you can achieve from the first call?

  2. Paul T. Wylie
    November 22, 2009

    One thing to remember making the transition to from traditional outbound marketing practises to the social sphere (inbound marketing practises) have a plan.

    Your approach must be pre-determined, gone are the days of just throwing your marketing mix at the wall and expect something to stick.

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