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Intelligent Voice Broadcasting and Personalized SMS – The new marketing mantras

Falling TV viewer ratings and Folding Newspaper firms is a reality we are living in and this has nothing to do with the recession. Broadly, these channels are having reduced impact and marketers are looking for more effective delivery channels like Interactive Voice Broadcasting (IVB) and Personalized SMS(Text Messaging).

Companies are now using SMS often to contact both existing clients and prospects, indeed some reports state that it is now one of the preferred methods of communication for call centre’s – it is cost effective and fast and can hit large numbers very quickly.

Recently, we deployed a Project Delivery Application which sends SMS to appropriate Business Development Managers and Project delivery managers about  project delivery milestones/alerts. We also deployed a Personalized Text Campaign solution to mobiles targeting voters by constituency for a Political party wanting to reach out one on one to all the voters in the region. Both projects had absolutely great acceptance and I can relate to numerous applications to this SMS/Text messaging channel going ahead given that it is inexpensive and delivery rates are exceptional always in the 90+% range.

IV avoids the need for lengthy conversation and can get “straight to the point” within 1 minute however, the option for a prospective customer (depending upon the criteria set) to request a call-back, thereby offering the person to have the human interaction, but allowing the company to know that the call is now both expected and welcomed. Obama Campaign used all the traits of new age marketing but missed out on this superior channel which is already adopted by politicians in countries world over.

Linking Business data to SMS and Voice systems is a very effective method of managing a direct campaign: for example. If your data contains information that a Equipment Service contract expires on a certain date then a simple SMS message to the equipment owner advising and offering a service appointment may be seen as a godsend by the recipient AND has generated business for the sender when done at the right time.

Email has seen a reducing delivery graph for the last couple of years to the point where delivery rates world over are under 70%. Yet,Personalized email marketing, correctly conducted, is still a very powerful tool, which helps to build strong one-to-one relationships with customers, and for many successful companies it is now regarded as an essential marketing tool forming a fundamental part of the overall strategy.

I guess the silver bullets for the new marketing era ahead will be in IVB, SMS and EMAIL.. If you aren’t using some or all these channels -it’s time to shake up and wake up to the new age communication channels.

One comment on “Intelligent Voice Broadcasting and Personalized SMS – The new marketing mantras

  1. Voice Broadcasting Services
    September 22, 2009

    Thanks for the very informative post. The two mentioned above is a great help to the company. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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