Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor *Sales and Marketing Pioneer * Technology Champion *Philanthropist * Leadership Mentor

Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Incubator for start-ups , Coach and Leadership Mentor

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni (Stan) Biography Mr Subhakar Rao’s career has mirrored his five main professional passions: Entrepreneurship, Leadership mentoring,  Sales & Marketing Coaching, Incubation and Investments. In each, he has been … Continue reading


3 key steps to get your personalization right in digital marketing.

For serious digital marketers – Personalization is a subject not only close to their heart, but also to their marketing brains. Why? Because in real digital marketing world it is … Continue reading

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How Online Retailers are Driving eCommerce Industry in India?

It’s raining discounts and offers Festive season. Its online retail ads galore time in India. Front page on morning newspapers carries online discount sales and promotional ad campaigns. These days, … Continue reading

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Go all out and shut your haters up!!

We were hosting a Hospitality and Culinary Awards Event in Goa when I was informed of a Hater note sent via SMS to one of the attendees about me. While … Continue reading

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4 Lessons for entrepreneurs to learn from Athletes

Entrepreneurs always look up to athletes to fetch motivation from their passion, perseverance and hard work. The same attitude has led to the deeply-rooted sport analogies; leaders as coaches, meetings … Continue reading

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The Science of Motivation and Leadership.

My thoughts on Leadership and motivation!! Good leadership and motivation — two sides of the same coin A good leader knows what you feel. We have heard a lot of … Continue reading

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Go Green Run – Run for a greener city.

The world today is full of pollutants, plastic, electronic wastes, and destruction. Nobody has the time to ponder about how we have destroyed it and still continue to do so … Continue reading

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Best way to Reward : Land/Realestate, Home Furniture & Club Luxuries: Really?

Best way to Reward : Land/Realestate, Home Furniture & Club Luxuries: This weekend was a big league Mid year corporate recognition initiative for us with a bunch of our top guns … Continue reading

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