Subhakar Rao Surapaneni

Investor *Sales and Marketing Pioneer * Technology Champion *Philanthropist * Leadership Mentor

Sales and Marketing Pioneer, Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Incubator for start-ups , Coach and Leadership Mentor

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni (Stan) Biography Mr Subhakar Rao’s career has mirrored his five main professional passions: Entrepreneurship, Leadership mentoring,  Sales & Marketing Coaching, Incubation and Investments. In each, he has been … Continue reading


Future of Marketing Is Pure Digital: It’s time to Go Green completely

Go Green, Grow your Mail volumes via Email, Start Outdoor Display via LED & Communicate via Social channels Its time to Go Green and improve the jingles in the bank, It’s … Continue reading

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How digital economy is shaping up business world

By 2015, there will be around 6 billion mobile phone users and 3 billion internet users all over the world.  Digitalization is rapidly changing the business landscape. Advancement in mobile … Continue reading

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The Importance of being a data scientist

A hero is emerging in the business world. His name is data scientist. After Harvard Business Review has described the designation as the most “sexy career options of 21st century” … Continue reading

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Marketing Intelligence

Strangely, many people are inclined to say that they have heard of only business intelligence and not marketing intelligence. Some cynics even question the association of the word intelligence with … Continue reading

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Let’s open up Employment visas!! It’s time to grow our Global digital economy

Global digital economy has taken off and we are now in a world where significant work gets done via IP phones, email, skype, web meetings, video conferences, social media etc. … Continue reading

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Writing Marketing Copy: Hollywood blockbuster style

That story writing is a dynamic form of copy writing needs no further reinforcement. Enough has been said (or should I say advocated) on the importance of storytelling as a … Continue reading

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Integrated Marketing: A few words

Some words are widely used but not understood well. Integrated Marketing for instance. Once casual Google search of this word will fetch you many meanings. Like: “Strategy and tactics aimed … Continue reading

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